• July 28, 2013
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JayVon MuhammadThe Midwife Plan would like to congratulate JayVon Muhammad for becoming the new CEO of Marin City Health and Wellness Center!  JayVon has had a tremendous impact in the world of midwifery, and we know she will continue her success in the Marin City Community.  The following is from the NACPM that contains more information about JayVon’s big news:

NACPM is thrilled to share the announcement that JayVon Muhammad, Certified Professional Midwife and former NACPM board member, has been selected by the Board of Directors as the new Chief Executive Officer of Marin City Health and Wellness Center (MCHWC) effective August 1, 2013.  MCHWC is a Federally Qualified Health Center based in Marin City, California, and funded by the federal government to provide primary care to both residents of public housing and those who are homeless in Marin County.

JayVon is a midwife who has spent the last decade of her career fighting to eliminate disparities in pregnancy outcomes for poor women and women of color.  She founded two agencies dedicated to maternal health, Urban Midwifery, Inc. and SistaGirl Midwifery.

The Board of MCHWC selected JayVon because they recognize and appreciate her skills, dedication, passion and determination.  They express total confidence in her ability to lead and direct the Center in developing and creating innovative ideas and solutions in order to deliver quality healthcare and programs improving the health and well-being of local residents and community at large.  In addition, the Board knows that JayVon will represent the Center well by establishing collaborative and working relationships with other clinics, agencies, organizations and communities.

As the new CEO, JayVon’s vision for MCHWC includes becoming a Center of Excellence for maternity care and focusing on wellness and preventative measures, strong and relevant educational and social programs, alternative therapies that compliment primary care services and working to improve the physical and mental health of public housing residents and those who are homeless in Marin County.

NACPM was privileged to have JayVon Muhammad as part of our leadership team for a short while.  We extend our hearty congratulations to her on her new position, knowing that she is an excellent choice for expanding access to essential health services in her community.

We look forward to watching Jayvon thrive in her new role!



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